Leadership of UX strategy, Samsung US website

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As Manager of UX Strategy at Samsung, I directed the CX of the US market's website in a highly collaborative, fast-paced environment at a massive global scale. I managed a multidisciplinary team of individuals including FTE and embedded creative agency: UX design, UX research/strategy, PM, data analysts, and QA.

The US market is the largest of Samsung's 150+ global subsidiaries, and the CX team under Marketing was responsible for driving the website optimizations to improve our experiential content. The product lines of business included smartphones, audio wearables, computers, appliances, and TVs. This was no easy task for a website that serves as both a brand destination and a shopping funnel for our customers.

Key accomplishments

Global navigation IA redesign
  • Navigated the politics of unpacking the IA of a global navigation menu for the US market, with highly complex partnerships between US team, global HQ, and other subsidiaries.
  • Utilized customer-centric approach with a qualitative testing, card sorting, tree test, and A/B tests to inform standardization and governance of future changes.
  • Impacted the customer-centric IA across all product lines of business with potential to impact globally across 150+ subsidiaries.
Screenshot of new GNB IA structure for Watches.
New IA structure for Watches: Learn, shop all, landing pages, accessories

3D interactivity program
  • Developed a comprehensive 3D interactivity program roadmap for Samsung that encompassed AR, 360°, and 3D experiences.
  • Introduced 'Hands on' webAR to the US market flagship products on Galaxy S21 family of phones, Galaxy Watches, and Buds. Available on retail stores devices and to website visitors.
  • Attributed WebAR to 50% lift in order rates online for visitors who interacted with webAR.
  • Key collaborations with retail cross-channel partner teams and global HQ.
  • 360 product asset expansion across all new product launches.
User interface of the webAR Galaxy Watch3 experience.
WebAR of Galaxy Watch3.

User interface of the webAR Galaxy S21 Ultra experience.
WebAR of Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Virtual TV Store
  • Created immersive, educational upper funnel experience for the TV product line up with 360° and interactive demos.
  • Launch resulted in 7.5% lift in consumer TV order rates, 54% of which were premium TVs.
  • Recognized as Best TV Website, WebAwards 2021 by the Web Marketing Association.
Screenshot of Virtual TV Store NeoQLED product line page.
NeoQLED 8K product line page.

Interactive demo to show clarity differences between 4K and HD.
Clarity demo: switch between 4K and HD.